Binance Cryptocurrency Exchange Boosts Its Investments in Turkey


Binance – the largest global cryptocurrency exchange – has decided to increase its activities and investments in Turkey.


The director of the company’s branch in Turkey, Mujahid Donmez, said that the company was able to quickly develop its business activities since entering the Turkish market two years ago.

He added that his company is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading companies around the world and that it wants to expand into new regions and meet clients in Turkey, which is one of the most important countries.

Donmez emphasized that his company not only wants to develop its investments in the cryptocurrency trading sector, but also wants to expand its business activities to include the innovation and technology sector, especially the (blockchain) ecosystem.


He said, “Since our establishment, our job opportunities have grown more than 200 times, especially in the past two years. We have significantly increased the number of employees in Turkey, and this situation actually pushes us to continue investing in human resources.”

He continued, “I would like to express our great happiness with the confidence and interest shown by users in our platform, and I would like to emphasize that the safety and security of their information and that this particular issue is our top priority since the first day we started working.”

“This is why we are committed to implementing the most advanced security and data privacy controls across the platform. In addition to the above, we also aim to increase our activities and investments in Turkey and increase our users’ experiences.”


The branch manager stressed the great interest that his company attaches to achieving economic growth through the development of human resources and the recruitment of talented people who increase the company’s strength.

He said, “In addition to the above, we want to work on developing the technologies of the financial future, getting rid of the problems of Web 3 and coding, and enabling various social segments to access the digital currency trading platform, and thus contribute to the education and development of society.”

Donmez stated that they held meetings with state officials in order to explain the preference of the virtual system (blockchain) and the importance of its activities in Turkey.


“In this context, Treasury and Finance Minister Noureddine Nebti held in July a meeting with Binance Founder and CEO Changpeng Zhao in which the two sides exchanged ideas on cryptocurrency trading activities,” he continued.

“We believe that Turkey is one of the important countries that is able to embrace cryptocurrency trading activities, as is the case in many other areas,” he explained.

He continued, “When we look at our analyzes, we clearly see that Turkey is one of the countries with the largest number of users in the world. For this reason, our company is determined to increase its investments and activities in it.”


Donmez stated that his company has conducted a number of security studies for the cryptocurrency markets, and that their priority has always been the security of the user and the protection of his data.

He pointed to the fact that they conducted innovative user safety studies that may not have existed until now and said, “The more centralized security in the encryption system, the stronger the platform.”

He continued, “I would like to state clearly that at Binance we guarantee the highest level of security for the user. Therefore, we are the most trusted and most used cryptocurrency exchange around the world.”

Donmez stressed that Binance has a secure online platform for all users and works closely with legal and government authorities to track down accounts suspected of fraudulent activities.


“Our team of top cybersecurity experts develop advanced security protocols designed to protect consumers and provide a secure crypto ecosystem and also work with law enforcement agencies to protect users,” he said.