Bahçeli: We’ve got a great account we demand who fell as martyrs in the Euphrates


The head of the National Movement Party Devlet Bahçeli said that the soldiers, policemen, and special operations who fell as martyrs in the Euphrates Shield operations area will be held accountable.


The head of the Nationalist Movement Party, Devlet Bahçeli, spoke at the group meeting of his party.

Bahçeli stressed in his speech the accountability of soldiers and special operations policemen who were martyred in the Euphrates Shield Operations area and said:

“Of course our pain is great, but the reckoning that will be done is also great, however, there is no topic.

Members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party / People’s Protection Units whom you said would attack us, the blood of the sons of the homeland intervened.


If we ignore it, we will lose our honor and dignity. We are the representatives of the nation’s will that will be held accountable for the martyrs. We are the National Movement Party, we are the People’s Alliance.”