BAHA vehicle successfully completes its first border test


HAVELSAN BAHA vertical take-off and landing unmanned vehicle have successfully completed its first field test at the frontier.

HAVELSAN Deputy General Manager Mahatin Solmaz gave information about their work in the field of unmanned systems.


Noting that they recently completed BAHA’s first field tests in the company with security forces, Solmaz said:

“As a result of our field tests with our security forces, we continue our development activities with the input we receive from the user.

We hope to field-test these inputs again at the beginning of 2022 and see successful results.”

Solmaz explained that BAHA weighs 30 kilograms and can carry 5 kilograms of payload, and said:

“Our vehicle in particular, which we call under the cloud, can operate even in cloudy weather, and perform autonomous missions in border areas.


It is an autonomous aircraft that gains temporal capability with swarm algorithms, and is capable of carrying out its duties.”

Solmaz said BAHA flew 7,500 feet with local and national equipment 10 kilometers from the ground.

The support center received and sent the images for reconnaissance and observation purposes, and stated that it resisted and performed self-employment take-off and landing operations.

Providing information about the latest status of the concept of the “digital unit”, he said that they believe that they have successfully completed the first-class middle-class unmanned ground vehicle, successfully passing the tests.