In the hands of a Turkish craftsman, copper pots speak art


With great craftsmanship and effort, the Turkish craftsman Mehmet Kemal Ozdal decorates copper kitchen utensils with ancient decorations and drawings dating back to the Seljuk and Ottoman eras.


The skilled craftsman lives in the town of “Safran Bolu”, which is famous for its saffron and historical houses in the state of Qarabuk in the north of the country.

Ozdal, 37, has been working for 23 years in the copper processing trade, which he learned from his father at an early age.

His skillful hands give copper a different luster after a long time and work.

Ozdal decorates the copper pieces after polishing them with beautiful decorations and engravings and offers them for sale in the town listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In his speech, Ozdal said that he loves his profession, and expressed his regret that he is one of the last generations to pursue this profession and fears its extinction.


He explained that his father is credited with learning handicrafts, noting that he engraves Seljuk and Ottoman decorations and drawings on household utensils made of copper, and the skilled craftsman confirmed that he would continue his craft as much as he could.