At a cost of $ 480 million, a Turkish company is building a bridge in Ukraine


“Onur Construction Company” has signed a contract with the Ukrainian government to build a bridge in the city of Zaporozhye.

At a total cost of 480 million dollars (approximately 2.9 billion Turkish liras).

Ukrainian Prime Minister Oliki Honcharuk announced on his channel in Telegram his government’s decision to resume construction of the bridge passing through Dnipro in Zaporozhye, which began 15 years ago.

Honcharuk wrote: “The bridge that was a symbol of corruption and it will become a symbol of great construction.”

The head of the “State Agency for Ukrainian Motorways”, Alexander Kurbakov, said that this project will mark the beginning of a new era in road construction throughout the country.

“We expect work on the project to start next week,” added Kurbakov during the signing ceremony. “The agreement that we signed will extend over 4 years, but we expect the project to be completed within two years.”

It is reported that the construction of the bridge started in 2004, but due to the high level of corruption and due to other issues the project was delayed for 15 years.

It is expected to reduce the bridge after its completion of the traffic congestion in the city of Zaparogia, after its infrastructure dating back to the Soviet era failed to meet the needs of the city.

Source: Turk Press