Anadolu Agency concludes the edition of “War Correspondent” course


The activities of the twentieth edition of the “war correspondent” course, organized by Anadolu Agency in cooperation with the Police Academy, and with the support of the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency “TIKA”, were concluded on Friday.


The current edition of the course was launched on June 20, and lasted for 11 days, with the participation of 22 journalists, including 14 foreign journalists, at the Police Academy in the capital, Ankara.

The closing ceremony and the distribution of certificates were held in Anadolu Agency in the capital, Ankara, in the presence of the project management coordinator of the Anadolu Agency, Oguz Karagash, the Vice President of the Police Academy Ofeq Ayhan and the coordinator of education projects in TIKA Mustafa Hashim Polat.

He explained that journalists are the most affected by wars and clashes, and that the performance of their professional duty requires them to work in difficult conditions.

He pointed out that many journalists lost their lives while performing their journalistic duty in war zones, and that war correspondent courses provide journalists with experience to deal with war conditions and survive.


He pointed out that the war correspondent courses, which were launched in 2012, benefited 461 journalists, including 170 foreigners.

He explained that among the participants in the “21st War Correspondent Course” were 14 journalists from 8 African countries: Kenya, Niger, Guinea, Sudan, Ethiopia, Libya, Chad and Somalia.

On the other hand, the Vice President of the Police Academy Ofuq Ayhan expressed their happiness at being part of the preparation of war correspondents.

Ayhan warned the graduates that they should be news stories instead of their main job in conveying the news.

As for the coordinator of education projects in TIKA, he stressed the importance of the war correspondent course for the journalist, not only in war zones, but in every difficult environment in which the journalist works.


After the ceremony, Qaraqash, Ayhan and Polat, in addition to the director of the Anatolian Academy, Cihan Geir Ichpler, distributed certificates to the participants in the 21st edition of the war correspondent course.

The course includes theoretical and practical lessons by specialized academics and security personnel with the aim of qualifying reporters to work in war zones, disasters and emergency situations.

In the first week of the course, participants receive theoretical lessons on the law of war, the geopolitics of the Middle East, protection from biological attacks, refugees and their camps, and IT security.


And then practical lessons on first aid, close-up defence, the use of gas masks, life-sustaining in water, and advanced vehicle driving techniques.