All you need to know about the Turkish Private Bilgi University in Istanbul

Private Bilgi University in Istanbul

Bilgi University or Istanbul Bilgi, one of the private Turkish universities in Istanbul. The university was established by Bilgi Foundation in 1996 and is one of the best private universities in Istanbul.

Istanbul Bilgi University currently has 18,000 students, about 1,000 faculty members, six colleges, five institutes, five schools, three vocational schools, and 200 curricula for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students. Istanbul Bilgi University has about 30 thousand graduates.

Founding of Bilgi University

Istanbul Bilgi University was established on June 7, 1996 at the request of the Bilgi Educational Foundation and with the approval of the Turkish Grand National Assembly, to be an international university that broadens the boundaries of science and art, embraces freedom, plays a pioneering role in community development, and provides a place where students and faculty share a passion for learning. And where all members, academics and administrators, dedicate themselves to this end.

Private Bilgi University in Istanbul

Bilgi University goals

  • Bilgi University undertakes to contribute to science, artistic production and technology development; To educate individuals whose skills in research and problem-solving have developed in an atmosphere of free thought and awareness of social responsibility, whose competencies are compatible with international standards, and who, in addition to respecting the rules of ethics and professional objectivity, are also open to disciplinary approaches and community service within multi-dimensional quality standards.
  • Bilgi pledges to adhere to universal principles and standards of human rights and freedoms in all relationships and rejects discrimination in all its forms and at all level.
  • As one of the signatories of the (Magna Charta Universitatum) in Bologna, the University asserts that academic freedom in research and teaching is the fundamental principle of university life.
  • It appreciates and defends the independence of all research, teaching and learning against every form of political and economic power.
  • Bilgi believes in the importance of pluralism, diversity, and critical thinking in both university and community life.
  • It attaches importance not only to cultural and aesthetic values ​​but also to the environmental sustainability of the physical environment at campus, city and nature levels, and strives to contribute to both.
  • To develop students ’academic and professional knowledge and skills to deal with the complex problems of today’s world, grounded in tradition and aimed at innovation.
  • It attaches importance to its students and alumni to become people who take responsibility for the problems of society and the world
  • Bilgi adopts the principle of transparency and accountability in all its relationships and thus is aligned with legal and ethical principles.
  • It believes in a participatory management system that leverages the expertise and capabilities of faculty and students in both its institutional relationships, operational processes and decision-making at every level of the university.
  • Bilgi believes in constantly reviewing all of its programs in light of the dynamic nature of contemporary life.
  • It aims to operate and provide service at the national and international levels.
  • A student-centered institution in all of its educational endeavors, ensuring that its students participate actively in the educational process and that they become capable individuals of inquiry and questioning.
  • With 21 years of useful service in the field of education, Istanbul Bilgi University pursues the goal of improving the quality of education and research to become a university at the level of international standards.
Private Bilgi University in Istanbul

Bilgi University features

  • Depending on the principle (learning is not for school but for life), Istanbul Bilgi University took its place in the Turkish system of higher education as a civic institution after the request submitted by Bilgi Education and Culture on June 7, 1996 and approval by the Turkish Grand National Assembly in accordance with Law No. 4142.
  • Owns a Center for Talent Management,Support and Encouragement (BİLGİTalent)

It is interested in developing its educational curricula continuously

  • The university has several study abroad programs that students participate in to broaden their horizons
  • The university keeps pace with modern modern designs in the halls, laboratories and campus squares
  • It has an office to guide international students that works hard to help students adjust to the new academic life and provides them with many services that include: Organizing social events, most notably a seminar to help them deal with cultural differences and other difficulties.
  • It has more than 600 active partnerships worldwide which makes it the leading university for international programs in Turkey
  • The University’s Graduate Center works to develop the personal and professional skills of graduates, and to organize projects and meetings to achieve this
  • An international institution in every sense of the word, it takes as a reference point for all program competencies that meet international quality standards as well as accreditation principles and practices.
  • Istanbul Bilgi University has been cooperating with the best universities in the world for a long time and exchanging students with the best European and American universities according to programs like Erasmus.
  • Governed by a board of directors, the main responsibilities of the board of directors are to elect the President of Bilgi University to set goals and strategy and approve the annual budget. Every four years, the president of the university is elected by the vote of the members of the Board of Directors, and part of the university’s responsibilities are delegated by Parliament to the administrative departments, colleges and the Student Support Center.
  • The employment center provides volunteer training for students with many distinct opportunities to obtain strong practical experience, thanks to the training provided by the center many students have had the opportunity to know what they really need in their career. Thus, they can start their work with more confidence. The center also supports students and graduates and organizes many different activities to develop their professional skills.
  • The language of study at this university is English in many majors

Bilgi University facilities

The university currently has nearly 20,000 students, 45,000 alumni, and about 1,500 academics; 7 colleges, 3 institutes, 4 schools, 3 vocational schools, and more than 150 programs provide education to its associate, undergraduate and graduate students

At present, Istanbul Bilgi University has 4 campuses with a total area of ​​206 thousand square meters. The names of these universities are as follows: Kuştepe campus with an area of ​​32 thousand square meters, Dolapdere campus with an area of ​​21 thousand square meters, santral istanbul campus with an area of ​​148 thousand square meters and Kozyatağı campus with an area of ​​4300 square meters is ready to serve students It includes various parts of the university. to be.

Istanbul Bilgi University has three libraries. One is located on Dolapdere Campus, one on Kuştepe Campus, and the other on Santral Campus. Istanbul Bilgi University Library is a comprehensive system to support university programs, research and education. The university’s virtual library includes more than 357,000 electronic books, 58,000 electronic journals, and 110 electronic databases and encyclopedias. Access to these resources is possible both on and off campus.

 In addition to its library at the Central Istanbul campus, Bilgi University has a contemporary art museum called Santral Istanbul, which hosts conferences, seminars, and exhibitions. The museum opened in mid-fall 2007.

Istanbul Bilgi University residences are located on the university campus and accommodate many male and female students in a completely separate way. These dormitories are fully equipped and students can choose one or two rooms according to their budget.

There are many food halls, restaurants, and cafeterias throughout the university that offer students a variety of healthy, high-quality, and inexpensive foods

Bilgi University has sports facilities such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gymnasiums and aerobics.

Private Bilgi University in Istanbul

Faculties available

Specializationstudy yearsThe languageExpenses before deduction
Sports management4English$ 8100
Aviation management4English$ 8100
Culinary and culinary arts4English$ 8100
Tourism and Hotel Management4English$ 8100
Advertising4English$ 8100
Date4English$ 8100
English language and literature4English$ 8100
Modern Media and Communication4English$ 8100
Public Relations and Advertising4English$ 8100
Radio, Film and Television4English$ 8100
Visual Communication Design4English$ 8100
Comparative literature4English$ 8100
Sociology4English$ 8100
Fashion design4English$ 8100
Logistics management4English$ 8100
European Studies4English$ 8100
Communication design and management4English$ 8100
Digital game design4English$ 8100
Music4English$ 8100
International Relations4English$ 8100
Photography and videography4English$ 8100
civil engineering4English$ 9720
Computer engineering4English$ 9720
Electrical and Electronics Engineering4English$ 9720
Energy Systems Engineering4English$ 9720
Genetics and Bioengineering4English$ 9720
the industrial engineering4English$ 9720
Mechanical engineering4English$ 9720
Mechatronics engineering4English$ 9720
Architecture4English$ 9720
Finance and economics4English$ 9720
Marketing4English$ 9720
Business Management4English$ 9720
Industrial design4English$ 9720
Interior Design4English$ 9720
International logistics and transportation4English$ 9500
International trade and business4English$ 9720
psychology4English$ 8100
Maths4English$ 9720
Physical therapy and rehabilitation4English$ 9720
Political Science4English$ 9720
Physical therapy and rehabilitation4Turkish$ 8100
Child development4Turkish$ 8100
Nutrition and diet4Turkish$ 8100
Nursing4Turkish$ 8100
Sports management4Turkish$ 8100
Aviation management4Turkish$ 8100
Sociology4Turkish$ 8100

Bilgi University admission requirements

To enter Istanbul Bilgi University, you can take the YOS test at this university and obtain the required minimum scores, and in some fields, you can progress through the GPA requirements.

The language of instruction at Bilgi University is Turkish, so a TOMER language degree is required for all international students.

Bilgi University is one of the private universities in Turkey, so it has higher tuition fees than public universities. So make sure you pay attention to this point before you decide to enter this university.

The papers required for registration at the BA stage

1- General Secondary Certificate with transcript.

2- A copy of the passport.

3- A colored personal photo

4- English or Turkish language certificate, if any (TOEFL – IELTS – Tomer)

5- Additional certificates, if any (Elios – SAT – international certificates)

All submitted papers must be translated and certified Turkish

Papers and documents required for registration at the PhD level

1- Recommendation letter.

2- A master’s degree with a transcript.

3- Bachelor’s degree with transcript.

4- A copy of the passport.

5- Personal photo.

6- English or Turkish language certificate, if any.

All submitted papers must be translated and certified Turkish

You can register at the university and learn more about it by visiting the website