Albania: A raid on the building of the “Thodex” cryptocurrency platform founder


On Tuesday, Albanian security forces raided a building where Faruk Fatih Ozur, CEO and founder of the cryptocurrency exchange “Theodex”, was sheltering.

According to security sources, the security forces arrested two citizens who provided assistance and accommodation to Ozur upon his arrival in Albania.

He added that two security groups raided the building where Ozur resides in the capital, Tirana, and arrested two people, one of whom received Ozur upon his arrival at the airport and helped him hide.

The International Police (Interpol) also issued a red notice to arrest Ozur at the request of Ankara, while he was accused of a fraud estimated at two billion dollars.

Turkish Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu also made a phone call with his Albanian counterpart, Blider Jogi, on Thursday evening, to arrest Ozur and extradite him to Turkey.


Thodex is a cryptocurrency exchange established in 2017.

It operates under a “FinCen MSB” license in the United States, and is open to users worldwide.

However, since April 20, it has closed its website and published a statement claiming that the closure is “temporary”.

And that it is conducting procedures for a “new partnership”, which caused panic among the platform’s users, who are estimated in the hundreds of thousands.

Amid allegations of “the flight of Ozur, and the disappearance of $ 2 billion in digital currencies”.

It is also noteworthy that the Turkish Central Bank recently banned the use of currencies and digital assets in the purchase of goods and services.

Pointing out the possibility of irreparable potential damages and great risks in these dealings.