AFAD: 6 thousand and 445 people were rescued from under the rubble


The Turkish Disaster and Emergency Management Authority (AFAD) announced that 6,445 people have been rescued from the rubble as a result of the earthquake that struck the south of the country at dawn on Monday.

In a statement, Orhan Tatar, General Director of Earthquake Risk Reduction in the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority, said that the number of people rescued from under the rubble reached 6,445 people.

Tatar explained that 1,511 heavy equipment and 216 vehicles have been allocated for search and rescue operations.


He indicated that the Turkish Red Crescent had sent 82 meal-serving vehicles, 21 mobile kitchens, a mobile oven, 156 vehicles, and a team of 975 personnel to the area.

An earthquake struck Turkey and Syria at dawn on Monday, measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale, followed by another at noon with a magnitude of 7.6, leaving huge losses in lives and property in both countries.

The earthquake in Turkey claimed the lives of 1,762 people and injured 12,068 others, according to (AFAD), in an indefinite toll.

In Syria, it killed 1,073 people and injured nearly 3,000 others, according to the Syrian Ministry of Health and the “White Helmets” civil defense organization (non-governmental).