ACT Test in Turkey – Turkish University Admission Test | All you need to know


The ACT Test has been administered by the United States since 1959 to assess students’ skills before entering college.

Many top universities in various countries, such as Turkey, use the test as a standard for international student admission.

In this article, we will fully detail how to take the ACT test in Turkey, registration fees, and the questions for this test, so stay tuned.


What is the ACT test?

The ACT, which stands for American College Test in terms of admission, is similar to the SAT test and is considered one of the admission criteria for students in various universities in Turkey and other countries.

As mentioned, this test is conducted in different countries around the world to assess the readiness of the candidates to enter the university.

Students will be tested in reading, English, math and science. In addition, an optional writing section is part of the exam.

Universities in the United States, Canada, and some of the most prestigious universities in Turkey and other countries in the world consider students’ ACT exam performance as an admission criterion.

The ACT test motivates students to show their best abilities. Test scores also reflect what students learned during high school and provide complete information for colleges and universities for admission.


ACT test Sections & Questions

The ACT test has four sections, English, Math, Reading, Science, and an optional writing test.

This test is designed to assess skills acquired in high school. The score range for each of the four multiple-choice tests is from 1 to 36.

The ACT English test is conducted to assess different language skills such as writing. Texts and short essays in various genres are selected to test the skill.

The ACT Mathematics Test assesses the skills that students typically acquire in high school and is concerned with assessing the most important fields that are a prerequisite for success in undergraduate mathematics courses.

The ACT Reading Test assesses the ability to read and logical thinking of texts.

Test questions are based on comprehension skills that a candidate must use in studying 

written texts on a wide range of topics.

In particular, it requires understanding the main ideas of the text, interpreting important details of events, and finding out cause and effect by comparing relationships.


The ACT Science Test measures the skills of interpretation, analysis, evaluation, reasoning, and problem-solving in the natural sciences.

This test presents several valid science scenarios, each with several multiple-choice questions.

Exam content includes biology, chemistry, earth and space sciences (such as geology, astronomy, and meteorology) as well as physics.

To answer the questions in this section, you need to know and understand the basic concepts of the information provided so that you can draw appropriate conclusions or predictions.

The ACT Writing Test, for which participation is optional, assesses a candidate’s writing skills.

This test consists of a main topic that describes a complex problem and presents three different perspectives on the topic.

You will be prompted to read the essay immediately and write an essay explaining your views on the topic.

Your essay should analyze the relationship between your opinion of view and one or more of the other viewpoints.

You can agree with one of the opinions in the article, or you can offer a completely different view of what is being presented.


ACT test fee

According to the information published on the official ACT exam website, the registration fee for this exam in 2021 is shown in the table below.

ACT test without writing section55$ 
ACT test with writing section70$
Register after the deadline35$, In addition to the basic cost 
Change the date or place of the test35$, In addition to the basic cost

Please note that if you are absent on the day of the test or decide to take it without taking the writing test before the test begins, the writing test fee of $15 is refundable.

The cost of the test includes sending the result directly to a maximum of 4 universities and colleges, if a candidate wants to send results directly to more universities, you will have to pay an additional $13.

ACT test time and place

This test is taken several times a year in October, November, December, January, March, May and June.

The ACT Turkish exam is held in cities such as Istanbul, Eskişehir, İzmir and Bursa.

Students who want to study at the best Turkish universities that accept this test, can apply for this test in this country.

Test results are valid for admission to universities in Australia, Finland, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, Turkey, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.


Registering for the ACT test

You should first check if the university of your destination in Turkey asks for an ACT test score for admission.

Next, you must check the test time and venue on the official website of that test, register, submit documents online and pay the test fee up to 5 weeks before the test begins.

After registration has been confirmed, and there are about two weeks left until the exam, an ACT Entry Card will be issued.

If you want to take the test after the registration deadline, you have to pay an additional amount.

To register for this test, all you have to do is go to the test website from the link below and click on ‘Register for ACT’ to be directed to the registration page and create an account on this site.

After creating the account, you can upload your documents to complete your registration.

What is the difference between the SAT test and the ACT test?

The SAT test does not have two sections, English and Science. In the SAT, the formulas and grammar are written in the question paper, and the ACT does not.

On the ACT, a quarter of the total score belongs to math, but on the SAT, math accounts for half of the total score.

The math questions have five choices on the ACT but only four choices on the SAT test.

The focus on geometry and trigonometry in ACT is more than on the SAT.

The questions in the SAT Reading Comprehension section are asked in the order of their position in the text. But in the ACT, the questions are chosen at random from the text.

In general, SAT comprehension questions are easier than in the ACT.

The written portion of the SAT is argumentative while the portion on the ACT is inferential.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the ACT test valid for?

Most universities will check the results of this test for up to 5 years after you take it.

How much does it cost to register for the ACT exam?

The 2021 registration fee for the ACT exam with the written section is $70 and without it $55.

In which Turkish cities is the ACT test held?

The ACT Turkish test is held in Istanbul, Eskişehir, İzmir and Bursa.

Is the ACT test hard?

This test does not contain complex, difficult and high level questions, but the difficulty is that you have to answer the questions in a short time and it requires strong understanding and focus.

Success in this test requires that you be very detailed and be able to increase accuracy and focus.