A video summarizing the construction of the “Turkish House” in the US


A one-and-a-half minute video has been obtained of the 4-year Turkish House construction process opposite the United Nations building in New York City, USA.


The source of the video clip is the Turkish Consulate General in New York, and it was filmed by the American company “Ikum Tishman” and the Turkish “IC Ichach” construction company, which undertook the construction of the Turkish house.

The exclusive video footage shows the stages of the new Turkish House building from the foundation to the installation of the skyscraper windows.

The scenes are captured by two separate cameras installed in two buildings adjacent to the Turkish House at the corner of 46th Alley and First Street.

It also summarizes the construction of the building, which took 4 years in a minute and a half, using the time-lapse technique.


The scenes depicted cover the period between September 18, 2017, when the building’s foundations were laid with the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and September 20, 2021, when it was inaugurated in the presence of the Turkish president.

Thanks to its privileged location across from the United Nations building in downtown New York and its shape and design inspired by the Turkish “tulip” flower.

Also embellished with ancient Seljuk and Ottoman motifs inspired by the rich Turkish history, the Turkish House will be one of the symbols that reveal the status of Turkey.


In addition to its growing influence at the global level, as well as its active and effective foreign policy.

The new “Turkish House” building is one of the largest real estate investments of the Republic of Turkey abroad since its establishment at a cost of more than 291 million US dollars.

The project, which President Erdogan participated in laying the foundation stone in 2017, was carried out by the Turkish Contracting Company (IC İçtaş İnşaat) in cooperation with the American Contracting Company (Tishman).