A Turkish woman aspires to own the first “unicorn” technology company


The most important information about Isan Tomir:

  • Tomir is one of the 50 best female CEOs in Turkey
  • She owns two companies that are merging artificial intelligence with the biological sciences
  • Her company’s products focus on the US, European and Middle Eastern markets.

Seeking Turkish businesswoman, Isan Tomir, she is one of the 50 best female CEOs in Turkey.

Isan becomes the first CEO to own a unicorn in technology.

The term “unicorn” is used for private startups with a market value of $ 1 billion or more.

Tomir studied Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Neuroscience at Harvard University in the United States.

She also trained in the Internet of Things (IoT) at Columbia University in the United States, and realized the importance of artificial intelligence technologies that led her to become an entrepreneur.


In an interview, the Turkish business woman explains her career, which was started by Microsoft, followed by many regional roles, such as working for Johnson & Johnson.

She also worked with Ethicon Endo Sergery in the United States.

In addition to Royal Philips in the Middle East, and Medtronic in Turkey. “

After 25 years of experience in the field of health care, Tomir decided, before the outbreak of the Corona pandemic in 2020, to move to the field of technology.

It decided to establish two technology companies, based in Istanbul, Turkey, and in the United States.

About the step, she says: “The future will be shaped by combining the fields of technology and health”, adding that with the pandemic, this matter has become more evident than ever before.


Artificial Intelligence and Biological Sciences

The Isan Tomir company in Turkey, named (Essential Evolutions and Infinitech), focuses on the fields of technology and biosciences, to take a big step forward for these two sectors.

“We have in the company a local industry for many fields, such as smart anti-microbial and anti-virus textiles”, she said.

And wearable devices with sensors, which are one of the solutions, especially in the Corona period.

These wearable devices detect, analyze and transmit information about vital body signals and surrounding data, and allow anti-virus protection for the wearer.

These smart textiles have also become one of the company’s best-selling commodities during the recent period.

And in many major markets around the world, as one of the tools for preventing Corona virus.

“Artificial intelligence has had an impact in all areas of our lives”, Tomir says.

It will be an important part in the fields of health care, clinical research, drug development and insurance”.



“The priorities for our company’s growth plans are primarily concentrated in the United States and Europe, the regions where the epidemic has recorded the most activity,” Tomir explains.

“Our second priority is to receive a large demand from the Middle East and the Far East,” she added.

It also predicts that the two companies will reach total sales of $ 70 million by the end of 2023.

“This is our ambition … We would like to contribute to Turkey’s exports by producing smart textiles and wearable devices locally and selling them abroad”.

While the Coronavirus crisis has negatively affected many sectors, it appears that Tomir has made a decision by establishing these technology companies at just the right time.

Tomir is also the founder of the Turkish Association for Artificial Intelligence and Technology.

Where academics, tech startups, and entrepreneurs come together to create new ideas about the uses of artificial intelligence in various sectors.