A Turkish company develops the smallest anti-jamming device in the world


Turkish electronics company TUALCOM has successfully developed an anti-jamming device.

It is considered the smallest in the world, and contributes to providing the safe operation of defense industries products.


The device, developed by Turkish engineers, is one of the new and ambitious products that provide innovative solutions to protect global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) from interference and ensure the safe operation of defense industry products.

And the Turkish company, Toalcomm Electronics, has succeeded over the past years in developing more than 10 devices working in the field of protecting communications from interference and penetration.

The production of the new device is the culmination of the company’s efforts to produce the smallest anti-jamming device in the world.

Ahmed Salih Erdem, deputy general manager of Turkey’s Toalcomm Electronics, said that the latter has been working in the development and production of anti-jamming devices since 2013.

Erdem added that his company has developed and produced a variety of devices working in the field of electronic warfare, telemetry, anti-jamming and data linkage.


He stated that electronic warfare necessitates the defense industries to produce anti-jamming and penetration-proof devices in order to provide safe operation.

Noting that his company started its work by producing signal pickups and receivers.

He noted that his company entered the field of producing anti-jamming devices due to the need in the global markets for such devices.

Stressing that anti-jamming devices are a key element in electronic warfare.

He explained that they produced the first anti-jamming device about two and a half years ago, and over time, the company has become the largest family of anti-jamming protection devices in the world.

He continued, “Our platforms need a GPS receiver when operating or performing an operation.

Since the signals are transmitted via satellite, they are usually low-level and subject to interference.”


And he added, “Through the solutions we developed, we were able to provide signals to protect global navigation satellite systems via a set of small antennas.”

Erdem confirmed that his company recently developed a new product with two antennas, and added: “This device can be used in the military field at the level of individuals, groups and units, as well as in the civilian field.”

He indicated that his company will promote the effective device all over the world, and added: “The new device acts as a receiver for global navigation satellite systems.

It can be used on a wide range from individuals, military units, ships to aircraft, and from unmanned vehicles to missiles.”

He pointed out that the device provides important services in the civil field, and that drones and computer servers used in mapping can benefit from this technology.


Erdem stated that all frequencies of global navigation satellite systems are constantly exposed to interference in operational life, so Tualcom has designed and produced various anti-jamming devices.

Ardem explained that the company has competitors in Canada, the United States of America and France, and that it is working by raising its performance and developing its products to compete with major companies working in the field of jamming devices.