A traffic accident in Ankara caused the car to split into two parts


One person was killed and 10 injured in a serial traffic accident in Ankara where a car broke down in a serial accident.

The car, which was under the supervision of Ahmet Bakaroglu, collided with another vehicle traveling in the same direction at the Lalahan site on the Ankara-Kirkali highway.

With the impact of the collision, two cars that had crossed the opposite lane collided with three other cars on the road.


The car split into two parts

In a serial accident, Ahmet Bakoğlu’s car split in two, while Bekaroglu died at the scene, and 10 people were injured in other cars.

The injured were also transported to Ankara City Hospital by ambulance after the first intervention by the medical teams who came to the scene of the accident.

Traffic on the Ankara-Kirkale highway which was congested due to the accident has returned to normal after the vehicles involved in the accident were removed.