A new scandal for the “Netflix” platform, promotion for “PKK”


The “Netflix” platform launched the cartoon series “Cut Along the Dotted Line” by Italian cartoonist Michel Rich, known as “Zerocalcari”, on November 18 of this month.


The cartoon series sparked angry reactions on Turkish social media after the flag of the PKK terrorist organization appeared in one of the series’ episodes.

The flag of the terrorist organization appeared in the opening scene of the series, where it was drawn behind the door so that the protagonist of the novel opened the door and then the flag appeared clearly to the viewer.

In a related context, last year, the Netflix platform was subjected to a wave of anger due to the exploitation and promotion of children in sexual scenes.

Under the pretext of revealing the pressures that children and adolescents suffer from their parents, by promoting a movie called “Latifat”.


Despite all the allegations accusing Netflix of promoting pedophilia and passing child sexual abuse through that movie.

Critics and activists argue that the film went further than that, which is the sexual commodification of children and the portrayal of a child girl as a sexual object.

This is criminalized by law and has been denounced by all online petitions for a legal move towards the platform.


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