$2.4 billion from exporting the automotive industry


The auto locomotive industry made $2.4 billion in exports in August.

According to the statement from Uludag Automotive Industry Exporters Association (OIB), the auto industry increased its overseas sales by 57 percent in August.


Compared to the same period of the previous year, it obtained a 12.8 percent share of total exports by 2.4 percent. Billion-dollar.

The sector, which increased its exports by 29 percent in 8 months of the year compared to January-August 2020, achieved foreign sales of $18.8 billion.

In August, the highest exports were to Germany, with an increase of 23 percent and $311.2 million.

Germany was followed by the United Kingdom, which became the target market for all sectors after the free trade agreement was signed in December last year.

Exports to the United Kingdom amounted to $297.4 million, an increase of 211 percent.

It was followed by France, with an increase of 76 percent, with exports of 260 million dollars, Slovenia 174 percent with foreign sales of 185.6 million dollars, and Italy, with an increase of 53 percent, with exports of 179 million dollars.


In August, “supply industry” exports increased by 31 percent to $956 million.

Exports of “passenger cars” increased by 61 percent to reach $653 million, and exports of “cargo vehicles” increased by 149 percent to reach $592 million.

Exports of “minibusses and medium buses” increased by 47 percent to reach $117.5 million.

The demand for passenger cars has increased in European countries that are beginning to recover as the effects of the new type of coronavirus have diminished.

This is compared to the same month a year earlier in August, Germany 89 percent, France 123 percent, UK 204 percent.

Slovenia 88%, Italy 30%, Spain 35%, Poland 64%, in terms of increased exports.

Exports to the European Union, the largest market on a group basis, increased 49 percent in August.

And it reached 1.52 billion dollars, while the share of the European Union countries in total car exports was 62.8 percent.


Also in August, exports increased by 162 percent to other European countries, and 47 percent to African countries.

OIB Chairman Baran Celik, whose views were contained in the statement, stated that the holiday periods reflected positively on the August figures.

“With the increase in foreign demand for passenger cars, we have achieved the highest August export in our history. We have achieved double-digit growth in exports in all product groups,” he said.