We are on the verge of a significant decrease in the level of inflation


Turkish Central Bank President Fatih Karahan said on Tuesday that his country is on the verge of achieving a significant decline in the headline inflation rate.

This came in a speech during the Qatar Economic Forum in the Qatari capital, Doha, on Tuesday, in which he said: “We are on the verge of a significant decline in the headline inflation rate.”

Karahan stressed that price stability is considered the most important contribution to social well-being, pointing out that the markets are currently confident that inflation will decrease.

He stated that the Turkish Ministry of Treasury and Finance contributed to combating inflation through the “Public Savings and Efficiency” package.


He also stressed that they are closely following everything related to artificial intelligence.

Earlier today, the fourth edition of the Qatar Economic Forum was launched in the presence of the Emir of the country, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

This version comes at a time when the Middle East region is facing the economic repercussions of the war in the Gaza Strip and the disruption of navigation in the Red Sea. Other regions of the world are also facing fears of the extension of a conflict that has entered its third year between Russia and Ukraine, and the subsequent cutting off of Russian gas from Europe.

The first edition of the forum was held in Doha in June 2021.