Turkish Minister of Transport with  Kyrgyzstan for “Middle Corridor”


Turkish Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Oraloglu discussed with his Kyrgyz counterpart, Telik Tekebayev, bilateral relations between the two countries, including the trade “Middle Corridor” between Asia and Europe.

Uraloglu met with his Kyrgyz counterpart, Telik Tekebayev, and his accompanying delegation in the capital, Ankara, within the framework of the 11th meeting of the joint economic committee between the two countries.

The Turkish minister stressed that strengthening the two countries’ cooperation relations in the field of transport would “strengthen the Middle Corridor,” the trade route from China to Europe via Turkey.

He pointed out that the new steps that will be taken between the two countries regarding land transport will contribute significantly to developing relations between the two countries.

Oraloglu pointed out that the meeting of the Joint Land Transport Committee was last held between the two countries in 2021, in which it was decided to liberalize bilateral transport and transit.


He added: “With this decision and given the changes in the supply chain and the increasing demand for land transportation, trade between our two countries and between East and West will improve and the Middle Corridor will become stronger.”

Oraloglu pointed out that Türkiye attaches importance to railway transport in addition to land transport.

He explained that Turkey had created a strong railway infrastructure open to the “Middle Corridor” route without interruption by inaugurating the “Baku-Tbilisi-Kars” railway line in 2017 (linking Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey).

The length of the middle corridor is 4,256 km, between land and railways, in addition to 508 km by sea.

It is considered one of the three global trade corridors starting from China to Europe, the first of which is the northern corridor through Russia and the southern corridor through Iran, in addition to the sea corridor through the Suez Canal.

The middle corridor is known as: “TRANS-CASPIAN INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT ROUTE” or “TITR” for short.

For his part, the Kyrgyz Minister said that the field of transportation constitutes an important part of the economy, and indicated that he had held fruitful discussions with the Turkish side.

Takabayev added that trade relations between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey have witnessed rapid growth in recent times, and he stressed that his country seeks to strengthen cooperation with Turkey by considering alternative corridors.