Turkish Interior: Arrest of 5 ISIS leaders


On Wednesday, the Turkish Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of 5 leaders of the “ISIS” organization who were planning to launch a terrorist act inside Turkish territory.


The ministry stated in a statement that the gendarmerie forces in the state of Gaziantep (south) arrested Ramo Muhammad al-Hamad, nicknamed “Rami Remo”, on August 31, when he was planning to launch a terrorist act.

She explained that Remo is considered responsible for the judiciary in ISIS, and the terrorist PKK/YPG released him from Al-Kaf prison in Al-Hasakah Governorate, eastern Syria (earlier), on the condition that he leave for the city of Jarabulus, located within the “Euphrates Shield” operation, north of country.


She added that through Remo’s confessions, the security forces were able to arrest 4 other leaders of “ISIS” in the Jarabulus region while they were trying to infiltrate Turkey with the intention of launching a terrorist act on its territory.

She indicated that the four leaders are; Intelligence official Ibrahim Al-Saleh, nicknamed “Abu Rasoul”, social media official Husam Daoud, nicknamed “Abu Ayyub”, training official Ahmed Al-Helou, nicknamed “Abu Abdul Rahman Al-Shami” and Kamy Aydan, nicknamed “Abu Rashid Al-Imam”.


The security forces also arrested 6 individuals who cooperated with the members of the organization and provided them with assistance, along with the seizure of a Kalashnikov rifle, a magazine and 27 rifle bullets.