Turkish Defense Minister: We seized Swedish bombers from PKK terrorists


Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said that the Turkish army seized a large number of Swedish AT-4 bombers in its operations against the PKK terrorist organization in Syria and Iraq.

This came in statements he made to reporters on Friday after his participation in the meeting of NATO Defense Ministers in the Belgian capital, Brussels.


“We captured a large number of Swedish AT-4 anti-tank launchers in our operations against the PKK in Syria and Iraq, and we disclosed their photos and serial numbers in our meetings with our counterparts,” Akar said.

He noted that they presented evidence in this regard to their Swedish counterparts at the meetings.

He recalled the demonstrations in support of terrorism in the concerned countries and the negative aspects of the re-handling of terrorists.

Akar stressed that the efforts of Sweden and Finland to join a defensive alliance such as NATO are in sharp contrast to their provision of various types of support to terrorist organizations.


“We consider providing all kinds of support to terrorist organizations and then requesting to join the Joint Defense Organization as an ally a great contradiction,” he said.

He explained that he stressed to his counterparts in his bilateral meetings the importance of international cooperation in combating terrorism.

Akar drew attention to the embargo imposed by some allies on Turkey in the field of defense industries.

He pointed out that the restrictions imposed on his country in the field of defense industries harm NATO, and do not conform to the spirit of the bloc.

“It is said, let’s get stronger and unite against all kinds of threats to NATO on the one hand,” he added.

An arms embargo is imposed on Turkey and unlimited support is provided against terrorist organizations on the other hand.”


Akar stated that Turkey is an effective member of NATO, noting that Ankara attaches importance to expanding the alliance as much as its sensitivities are respected.

He stressed that NATO is a security organization, and one of its most prominent principles is the fight against all kinds of terrorism.

With the aim of ensuring regional and global security and stability, which necessitates cooperation and solidarity among its members.

He pointed out that Turkey is the only country in NATO that is fighting more than one terrorist organization at the same time, and it is the dividing line between Europe and the terrorists in Syria and Iraq.


Akar added that Sweden and Finland provide political and financial support to terrorist organizations and provide them with weapons.

The transformation of the two countries into a haven for terrorists poses a threat to NATO countries as well.