Turkey’s STM Products Get Great Attention at DIMDEX 2022


The products of the Turkish Defense Technologies Engineering and Trading Company “STM” received great attention at the Doha International Maritime Defense Exhibition “DIMDEX 2022”.

Speaking to him, STM General Manager Ozgur Guler Yuz said that many Turkish defense industry companies are participating in the exhibition due to Ankara’s relations with Doha.


He pointed out that STM displays products it has developed in the field of cybersecurity and small tactical drones.

Guler Yuz pointed out that the company is considered one of the largest Turkish companies specialized in the naval military industries.

He explained that the small submarine, which they called “STM500”, will increase its capabilities in shallow waters.

STM is also exhibiting at DIMDEX 2022, which runs from March 21 to 23, the frigate “I Class”.

The marine supply tanker produced for Pakistan, the multi-purpose boat “STM-MPAC” and the “ALPAGU, KARGU and TOGAN” systems for small tactical drones.

The company has cooperation, technology exchange and business development activities in more than 20 countries, produces oversea platforms and submarines for Turkey, and offers engineering solutions in the design, construction and modernization activities of the fleets of friendly and allied countries in order to be able to perform more effective missions.


The company completed the frigate “Istanbul”, which was lowered into the sea early last year, which is considered the pinnacle of Turkey’s defense industries with local expertise, as it was built within the framework of the MILGEM project to build warships.

The company was also able to manufacture the first logistic support ship “TCG GÜNGÖR DURMUŞ”, which was lowered to sea in December 2021 to meet the logistical needs of the Turkish Navy.

The company’s new project is the “STM-MPAC” warship, which is designed to perform defensive missions above sea surface and is equipped with air defenses, in addition to reconnaissance and rapid patrols.

The company also undertakes important functions in submarine modernization and construction projects of the Turkish Naval Forces Command.

In every project it completes, the company attaches great importance to cost-effective technical support and transfer of expertise, and enters into international cooperation that improves the defense capability of countries.


In this context, the company began building corvettes for the Ukrainian Navy in 2021 as part of cooperation that includes technology exchange.

In the Pakistani state of Karachi, it built and delivered the Pakistan Naval Supply Vessel “PNS MOAWIN”, which is the largest military shipbuilding project in Turkey.

It also established the Cyber ​​Defense Center of the Turkish Armed Forces, and is currently implementing the information security project for the Cybercrime Department of the Turkish General Directorate of Security.

Dimdex is a major platform for direct communication between companies and decision makers, which appeared during the previous six editions, and the exhibition contributed to the signing of agreements and deals worth billions of dollars since the first edition in 2008.