Turkey’s reaction to the events in Tunisia, a conviction for an illegal act


Omer Celik, spokesman for the Justice and Development Party, wrote on his Twitter account about what happened in Tunisia:

A coup against legitimacy. This illegal act of the Tunisian president has no place in the constitution.


He added: “The popular revolution that erupted in Tunisia in 2011 is a model for the peoples of the world and the region.

It is critical to protect this victory on the basis of the legitimacy of the constitution.

The work of the Tunisian president is illegal according to the constitution.

Those who do such a bad thing to the fraternal Tunisian people are harming their country.

The Tunisian people have a lot of experience and opportunity to overcome the current crisis with unity and equality. But this can be quickly achieved by returning to the constitution.

The spokesman for the ruling party in Turkey also added: “Turkey stands by the Tunisian people in this matter and respects the Turkish people’s struggle for democracy.”

Our president has stood by the Tunisian people with all his might in their struggle for democracy. We will continue to support Tunisian democracy.

The Turkish parliament speaker also condemned the recent coup in Tunisia in a statement.

According to international news agencies, Tunisian President Kais Saied, on Sunday night, in an unexpected move, overthrew the country’s prime minister and personally took control of Tunisia.


Saied said in a statement issued late on Sunday night that he used his constitutional authority to dismiss Prime Minister Hisham Al-Mashishi from his post and suspend parliament for 30 days.

The move comes a day after protests against the government.

According to reports, the reason for the recent protests is the significant increase in the number of people suffering from the Corona epidemic in this country and the growing public anger over the performance of politicians and economic problems.