Turkey’s defense minister advises Greece: Put aside your provocative approach


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According to Turkish news agencies, the Turkish Defense Minister advised Greece to refrain from provocative actions.

“We really want to have good relations with all of our neighbors, especially Greece,” said Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, according to news sources.


“The Greeks should abandon the rigid and provocative situation as quickly as possible for the sake of the region’s well-being.”

The Turkish president recently expressed his regret for a joint military exercise between Greece and Saudi Arabia:

“I feel sorry that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is conducting joint military exercises with Greece.”

Several Saudi transport aircraft and six Saudi F-15 combat aircraft entered the country in joint exercises with the Hellenic Air Force.

News sources released pictures of Greek fighter jets training with Saudi Arabia last Saturday evening.


Greece and Turkey, two neighboring countries, are at odds over maritime borders and energy resources in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean, and this has led to intense maritime movements in the region.

A spokesman for the Turkish Defense Ministry said in a recent press conference that Greece has sent warships to civilian islands in the eastern Aegean Sea and Mississippi, a few kilometers from Turkey.

Last year, Greece launched a major military modernization program that includes modernizing its old fleet of F-16 fighters, as well as purchasing new French-made Rafale jets.