Turkey rejects US deportation of terrorist who killed its consul


The Turkish Foreign Ministry announced its refusal to extradite the United States of an Armenian terrorist convicted of killing a Turkish consul to a third country.

“We learned that the Armenian terrorist Hambeg Sassonian fought the Consul General in Los Angeles, the martyr Kemal Arikan,” ministry spokesman Tanju Bilgic said in a statement on Saturday.


The person who was previously released on parole has been deported to a third country.

“We confirm once again that we condemn the decision regarding the aforementioned terrorist, and consider it a grave mistake and negligence towards terrorism,” he added.

And he added: “It is clear that such decisions do not contribute to the fight against terrorism, but rather serve the agenda of circles seeking to promote terrorism as a useful tool that can be used for political purposes.”

It should be noted that on January 28, 1982, Sassonian assassinated the Turkish Consul General in Los Angeles while he was driving his car. He was arrested a short time later and sentenced to life imprisonment.


Despite all Turkish efforts, on January 27, 2020, a US court in California issued a decision to release the terrorist “Sassonian”.

After ratification by the Governor of California with the possibility of resorting to the courts of appeals to object to it.