Turkey records 341 new deaths due to the Coronavirus


On Wednesday, the Turkish Ministry of Health announced that 341 new deaths were recorded due to infection with the Coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 39,398.

According to the Ministry’s data, the past 24 hours witnessed the registration of 40,444 new infections with the Coronavirus.


This brings the total number of coronavirus infections in Turkey to 4 million 751 thousand and 26 infected people.

The death toll from those recovering reached 4 million 212,461, after 45,198 people recovered from the infection.

283,261 tests were conducted to detect Corona, bringing the total to 46 million, 718,604.

On Monday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced a complete lockdown in the country.

From seven in the evening, Thursday, April 29 to five in the morning, Monday, May 17 next within the framework of measures to confront the Corona pandemic.