Turkey opens a factory to manufacture vehicle battery technology


Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology Fatih Kacır opened on Monday a laboratory to manufacture “Ampherr” battery technology, which is used in buses, trucks and other heavy vehicles.

In his speech during the opening ceremony, Kacır said that they will make Turkey one of the huge global investment centers in innovative technology fields such as battery and energy storage technologies.

He expressed his happiness at the opening of an important facility that would bring Turkey one step closer to its goal of becoming a biotechnology production base.

He pointed out that Turkey is continuing its development path without slowing down at a time when the world is facing multiple crises such as wars, epidemics and climate change.

Kacır stressed that his ministry seeks to achieve new achievements that would enhance the country’s complete independence in biotechnology.

He added, “We consider battery and energy storage technologies a strategic area. Electric vehicle sales are increasing on a global scale, and technologies that reduce the effects of climate change have become widespread.”

Minister Kacır stated that the demand for investments in the field of battery and energy storage technologies has increased significantly in recent times.