Turkey.. neutralizing two PKK terrorists


Turkish forces neutralized two PKK terrorists as part of Operation Arn Siege 27 in the southeastern province of Sirnak.


A statement issued by the Ministry of the Interior on Thursday stated that the neutralization of the terrorists came within the framework of Operation “Arn Siege 27” aimed at eliminating terrorist elements within the country’s borders.

The statement added that the security operation that resulted in the neutralization of the terrorists was carried out with the support of Turkish marches and special forces from the police and gendarmerie.

He pointed out that the pursuit of terrorists is continuing in the aforementioned state.

The Ministry of Interior began a series of “ARN” operations against the terrorist “PKK” in January 2021.


It is noteworthy that the name “Arn” was given to these operations in relation to the Turkish young man, Arn Bulbul, who was martyred by terrorists of the organization on August 11, 2017.