Turkey is witnessing demonstrations in solidarity with Gaza


Turkish states are preparing to go out in simultaneous demonstrations tomorrow, Sunday, in solidarity with the Gaza Strip against Israeli attacks.

The demonstrations, which will begin in many states by 15:00 local time, will be held under the slogan “Hand in Hand with the Gaza Strip.”

The demonstrators are scheduled to form human chains along the demonstration route in a move to draw attention to the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

In Istanbul, the demonstration will start from the Edirnekapi area towards the Beyazit area on the European side of the city.


The Istanbul demonstration will witness the raising of Turkish and Palestinian flags, in addition to demonstrators wearing Palestinian keffiyehs and raising banners denouncing the Israeli attacks on Gaza and supporting the Palestinian resistance.

In the capital, Ankara, the demonstration will start in front of the Melike Hatun Mosque in the Ulus area.

Tulay Gok Chiman, spokeswoman for the initiative, said in statements to reporters that they will campaign through demonstrations to “stop the genocide in Gaza.”

It is expected that the demonstrations will be attended by many prominent political, media and intellectual figures in Turkey.

For 36 days, the Israeli army has been waging an air, land and sea war on Gaza, “during which it destroyed residential neighborhoods on top of their residents,” killing 11,078 Palestinians, including 4,506 children, 3,027 women, and 678 elderly people, and wounding 27,490 with various injuries, according to official sources as of Friday evening.