Turkey is preparing to launch its new missile “Chakir” at the end of 2022


The Director General of the Turkish company Roketsan, Murat Ekinci, said that it is expected to launch a new generation cruise missile “Cakir” by the end of this year.


Ekinci explained that the introduction of the missile, which is a new generation, took place a short time ago.

He stressed that Roketsan is working to establish a strong infrastructure that will provide the country’s needs for defense technology.

He added that Roketsan will hand over the Tashkir missile to the Turkish armed forces as soon as it has been equipped and conducted the necessary tests, and then it will work on exporting it to friendly and brotherly countries.

Powered by the locally developed KTJ-1750 turbo-jet engine, Chagir is able to perform its tasks with ease thanks to the flexibility provided by its design.


The missile has a high destructive power against targets through its innovative warhead and its selection of the target point.

It also provides the ability to reach targets with high accuracy under all weather conditions and allows changing the target or canceling it during its path depending on the user’s choice.

What distinguishes “Shaqir” is its ability to perform tasks according to the concept of a squadron, which allows a coordinated attack with a large number of ammunition and facilitates the overcoming of the enemy’s defensive systems.


It is also distinguished by its ability to continue its course in cases of intense electronic interference thanks to the anti-jamming GNSS system and the inertial navigation system supported by the altimeter.