Turkey… Azerbaijan and Gambian officers conclude a “commando” course


Six officers from Azerbaijan and Gambia completed a training course in the basics of commando forces in the western Turkish state of Izmir.

Also, to date, soldiers from 20 friendly and allied countries have received training at the command center of the Gendarmerie Special Task Forces in the Foca district of Izmir.


The 6 guest soldiers, along with their Turkish colleagues, received training in the use of various types of weapons, including pistols, rifles, and submachine guns.

In addition to snipers, mortars, and rocket launchers, as well as other lessons in commando basics.

Azerbaijani Lieutenant Shahin Nagavov said that he participated in the liberation of the Karabakh region late last year before he was dispatched with 3 of his colleagues to Turkey to receive a commando training course.

He pointed out that the course lasted about 6 months, and that it was very fruitful, pointing to the great interest in them by the course supervisors.


Gambian Staff Sgt. Jereh Sanyoung explained that he got a better experience after receiving intense exercises during the course.