Turkey.. $240 million in direct international investments in February


Turkey attracted direct international investments worth $240 million last February.

This was stated in the “Bulletin of International Direct Investments in Numbers” published by the International Investors Association (YASED) on Wednesday.

Investment capital flows amounted to $217 million, and real estate sales to foreign citizens amounted to $152 million.

Subtracting the downside effect of divestments worth $15 million and debt instruments worth $114 million, international direct investments flowing into Turkey in February amounted to $240 million.

Ireland ranked first in direct international investments with 18 percent, followed by Germany with 15 percent, then the UAE with 13 percent, Italy with 10 percent, and Sweden with 8 percent.

The European Union countries’ proportion of direct international investments reached 61 percent of total investments in February.

The total value of foreign direct investments in Turkey since 2002 has reached more than $264 billion.