The Turkish world is taking important steps in the defense industries


Turkish presidential spokesman Ibrahim Kalin said that the Turkish world has taken important steps in the field of defense industries in recent years.

This came in a speech during his participation in a workshop on cooperation between Turkey and Kazakhstan in the field of education, which was held in the Ummah Library in the capital, Ankara, on Wednesday.

Kalin explained that the Turkish world is closely watching the achievements made by Ankara in the field of defense industries.


He added that the victory of the Azerbaijani forces in the battle of the Karabakh region sent hope and joy to the entire Turkish world.

He continued, “The celebration of Karabakh’s victory was not only in Turkey and Azerbaijan, but spread to the entire Turkish world, and this victory sent a message that the Turkish world is capable of doing a lot if it unites and joins hands.”

Kalin pointed out that the recent crises resulting from the Russian-Ukrainian war showed how important the Turkish republics will play in the future.

And he added, “There is a very important part of global energy reserves in our Turkish geography. The world has two major energy reserves, one in the Middle East and the other in the Turkish world.”

Kalin stressed that Turkish geography will continue to play a decisive role in ensuring global food security in the medium term.

He touched on granting the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus observer status with the Organization of Turkish States, saying: “This is an important shift in the history of Turkish Northern Cyprus and the Organization of Turkish States, and we should all be proud of this step.”