The Turkish presidency requests a mandate to participate


On Saturday, the Turkish presidency sent a memorandum to the Presidency of Parliament regarding the assignment of tasks to the armed forces in the framework of Operation World Cup Shield in Qatar.


According to the memorandum signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the State of Qatar will host the “FIFA World Cup 2022” activities from November 21 to December 18 this year.

The memo indicated that more than one million people are expected to participate in the event from around the world, adding, “To organize sporting events of this size safely, Operation World Cup Shield will be carried out between the Qatari armed forces and elements of the countries invited by the Qatari government.”

The memo confirmed that “Operation World Cup Shield aims to conduct the 2022 FIFA World Cup successfully and safely by taking the necessary measures against various threats that may affect the security of the event, foremost of which is terrorism.”


It added that the aforementioned operation “will be implemented by the joint task force that will be formed between the State of Qatar and the participating countries, within the land, air and sea borders and the maritime jurisdiction areas of the State of Qatar.”

The memorandum pointed to the request of the Government of Qatar to allied and friendly countries, including Turkey, to send elements to contribute to supporting the aforementioned process.

It added that the State of Qatar requested military personnel from the United States, France, Britain, Italy and Pakistan, in addition to Turkey.


It pointed out that it would be useful to respond to the request of the Qatari government, given that the World Cup is a sporting event that will enjoy great follow-up around the world, in addition to the historical, cultural and humanitarian ties linking Turkey with Qatar, in addition to the exceptional cooperation between the two countries in the political, economic, military and other fields, given the importance of stability and security in the Gulf region. over the entire region.

It added that participating in Operation World Cup Shield and assigning the General Department of Security to ensure the security of the event in the State of Qatar is in line with the requirements of the protocol signed between the two countries on December 7, 2021 regarding the implementation of the letter of intent related to cooperation in conducting major events.

It stressed that members of the Turkish armed forces will be deployed within Qatar’s borders and in its territorial waters and adjacent areas in order to provide the support requested by the Qatari government during the participation in the World Cup Shield operation.


It should be noted that the memorandum is for a period of 6 months and gives the presidency a mandate to determine the scope and amount of personnel and soldiers and the timing of their dispatch and to take all kinds of measures to eliminate risks and threats that may threaten the security and safety of individuals.