The Turkish army rescues 7 of its soldiers after a helicopter crash


On Monday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced the rescue of 7 soldiers and the loss of an eighth after a helicopter crash in the area of ​​the ongoing Operation Claw – Lock in northern Iraq.


The ministry said in a statement that a Sikorsky helicopter had a crash after making a sharp landing for technical reasons while carrying out supply activities in the “claw-lock” area.

“Seven out of the eight people who were inside the helicopter have been rescued, while the search for the eighth continues,” she added.

The ministry indicated that all rescued individuals are in good health.

On April 18, Turkey launched Operation Claw-Lock against the strongholds of the PKK terrorist organization in the areas of Matina, Zab, and Afshin-Basian in northern Iraq.


Turkey is carrying out operations to combat the “PKK”, which targets its forces and citizens, and is active in several countries in the region, including Syria, Iraq and Iran.