The sit-in continues on the 640th day of children in Diyarbakir


The sit-in in front of the Presidency of the Province continues resolutely for the sons of the mothers of Diyarbakir who were kidnapped to the mountain.

The sit-in began on September 3, 2019 by the mothers of Diyarbakir who held the HDP responsible for kidnapping their children into the mountains, and continued on its 640th day.

Mother Güzet Demir, who participated in the sit-in, said that she wants to be reunited with her son, whom she has not heard from for 6 years.


“We want our kids from HDP”

Demir cries, expressing that she had never heard from her child that she would continue to work until she received her child.

“We want our children from the HDP, they kidnapped our children, we hold them responsible, we are determined and we will continue our struggle,” Demir said.

Addressing her son, Demir said: “They surrendered to our security forces. Our country is great.”

“Hands off our children”

Mother Hatice Levent also mentioned that she came from Kütahya for her daughter Vadimi and participated in the event.

“My daughter, your place is in my heart, please come back,” Levent said, expressing her lack of her daughter so much.

“Leave our children, take your hands off our children, we will not leave without our children,” Levent said.

As Levent, who called on her son to surrender to the security forces, said: “Your brothers have missed you so much.”