The Minister Selcuk’s celebration of retired teachers day


Zia Selcuk, Minister of National Education celebrated online with retired teachers.

Selcuk said, “Teaching is not a profession that can be said about” retired, stepped aside, teaching is no longer a profession, it is part of your personality.”

National Education Minister Zia Selcuk said in his speech on the “Vacation with Retired Teachers” program that the COVID-19 epidemic has shown all other countries that the world cannot predict.


Pointing out that retired teachers had to spend more time at home during this process, and were concerned about their health.

Selcuk stated that they were people who devoted their lives to their profession and devoted their lives to developing hundreds, perhaps thousands of people and children, and focused on their work with modest financial resources.

Selcuk asserted that retired teachers remember their students and follow them as much as possible at a time when almost everything changes and turns quickly.

“In fact, being someone’s teacher, the hour that you leave with that person during their life means that you will always be there, because they live this journey of life with what they learn from you.


And like artists, you, like thinkers, are not famous but in the minds and hearts of thousands of people sometimes with your position and your position of course you live.

It is an honor in itself to fulfill such a beautiful responsibility and be shaped by generations, and to live with so many people.”

Selcuk said retirement may mean rest in a quiet port for many retired teachers and relieve years of stress.

However, retirement never means retreating to the edge of life. You know this better than me. “Retired, step aside,” it is said, “Teaching is no longer a profession, it is part of your personality.”

“Teachers’ experiences are very important and are always a light for youth”

Pointing out that the experiences of retired teachers are very important, and they are always a light for young people, Selcuk said:

“I particularly urge you not to deprive young people of your knowledge of life. You also try to understand them, sometimes accepting them as they are and directing them, I am sure.

Not understanding may be upsetting to you, but the main thing to understand is time as you know.


It seems to be the best way to forgive and be patient because they don’t have that time yet, again, your sympathy, patience, and kindness should interfere as normal.

Of course, you teachers of years know this better than we do, you are experts in this subject ..

As you know, teaching is learning as much as teaching, please never lose enthusiasm for meeting new people, seeing new things, and always continuing to learn new things, your contribution to life with your experience is now more valuable.

I sincerely hope that you continue to produce, teach and learn as much as possible, I wish you many holidays with our loved ones on the holidays when the epidemic is over.

Happy Holidays, I wish you Happy Holidays when these distances come to an end.”

In the program, retired teachers who shared their feelings and thoughts read poems and popular songs.