The Istanbul Stock Exchange index starts today with a noticeable increase

Turkish stock market

The BIST 100 index on the Istanbul Stock Exchange started today at 1.573.37 points, a gain of 0.53 percent.

At opening, the BIST 100 index gained 8.37 points and 0.53 percent compared to the previous close of 1,573.37 points.

The banking index rose 0.38 percent and the holding index 0.70 percent.

Among the industry indicators, chemistry, petroleum and plastics were the most profitable at 1.05%, and the only loss was tourism, at 0.12%.

The rise in the BIST 100 index, continuing on yesterday’s buying path, increased by 0.53 percent compared to the previous close, and achieved an all-time close of 1.561.02 points.