The Israeli army destroyed a water line in the southern West Bank


On Tuesday, the Israeli army destroyed a water line serving about 500 Palestinians in the southern occupied West Bank.

Fouad Al-Amour, the coordinator of the Committee for the Protection and Resilience of the Southern Hebron and Masafer Yatta Mountains, said that an Israeli force raided the Masafer Yatta area, south of Hebron, and initiated the process of destroying a water line feeding the area.


He added that the occupation authorities claim that the line that serves about 500 citizens in the area is “unlicensed.”

Al-Amour condemned the demolition, saying, “Israel is fighting the Palestinians in every way, and depriving them of drinking water.”

The Israeli occupation authorities prohibit construction or land reclamation in areas classified as “C” according to the Oslo 2 Agreement (1995), which represents about 60% of the area of ​​the West Bank.

The agreement signed between the Palestine Liberation Organization and Israel classified the West Bank lands into 3 areas:

“A” is under full Palestinian control, “B” is under Israeli civilian, civilian, and administrative security control and “C” is under Israeli civil, administrative, and security control.