The completed earthquake houses are increasing one by one


Minister of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Mehmet Özhaseki shared a video on his social media account about earthquake housing in a correctional area in Gaziantep that was affected by the February 6 earthquakes.

In the video, a citizen named Medina says, “God bless our state.” Drawing attention to his words, Özhaseki said, “Since the earthquakes of February 6 until today, the state and the nation have cooperated.

We have healed our wounds together, completing our strong and safe homes one by one and we hope that under the leadership of our people.

“Mr. President, we will make our disaster-hit cities more beautiful and disaster-resistant than before.”

From the February 6 earthquakes until today, the state and the nation have cooperated. We healed our wounds together and built our strong and safe homes one by one.


In the video, which includes the opinions of citizens affected by the earthquake, one of the earthquake victims said that while they believed they could create a new system in a period of up to 20 years.

They were surprised by the construction of homes within a year and said, “Homes have been built where people can lay their heads before the end of the year. God bless our state.”

One of the earthquake victims said:

“The houses are very beautiful. May God bless you a thousand times. Our condition did not make us miserable or humiliated.” In the video, other earthquake victims also expressed their relief because the houses were complete and beautiful.