Statement from Meral Akşener on Shiddat Baker’s allegations


IYI chairwoman Meral Akşener criticized the AKP in relation to Sedat Becker’s allegations and said:

“All these allegations have become a family affair. The current events are the last moments of the AKP government going to Ata.”


We found out that they were family.

Regarding the allegations of shiddat Baker and one of the names of the convicted leaders of the organized crime organization, Aksner said:

“If we think of this intriguing Turkey as an algorithm and computer software, every power comes to fight with the claim of the ‘deep state’.

elements of the mafia associated with it, and organizations not affiliated with the rule of law committees.”

“After a while, everything we reckon comes back to life with age, comes to the fore and disappears before these forces can solve it or something else emerges, just like the subject of borrowing in the form of an endless symphony.

“When Mr. Erdogan’s party was first established, he was very firm and open about these issues, February 28 was the government that came up on the Susurluk issue.

We saw that they became a family, and the family is made up of every element, it was a family affair with each of these claims.”


“The power of the AKP is moving towards (ATA)”

“When these issues came up, I said two things, first, I said we don’t meddle in the family’s affairs, she was not sent and everyone lay on his ear.

In the next step, I said the following “It’s my call to Mr. Erdogan, the Susurluk case brought the True Path Party.

And the case of Alaeddin Çakıcı and TurkBank brought the Motherland Party, I said: If you are not sure of the conviction of the nation and their hearts, you will also suffer the consequences of others.

I am in awe of these actions, Mr. Soylu came and his interlocutors did not say, “He lies from head to toe, we have no such association”…

“They spin a ball in the middle, you will see if that algorithm is the last moments of the AKP government going to Ata, what happens now.

Away from family relations, I saw that this closeness became a family relationship, and this is what happens when you are freed from institutions and rules.”


“I searched and pretended I was”

Comparing Susurluk with the events of the day, Akşener continued: “Devoted people who set out for Susurluk as a clean society, clean politics and clean giving.

They suddenly turned into a “reactionary” in the same way, February 28 arrived, after which Susurluk cannot be mentioned.

29 lawsuits have been filed regarding the Susurluk case, I am the minister who sent 27 of these to court in 8 months, I have looked into any of the claims.

Today, there is nothing for the time being. What has changed today is the “I” state. Today, there is a partisan presidential system of government.

Today, the judiciary, the executive, and the legislature overlap with each other.

In such a system, you give everything between a person’s lips, this person does not say: “Procuratorate, do your duty”, everyone stands up, the result of which means that the political establishment is a disgrace.


“The association’s reputation must be protected and grays removed”

Regarding Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu’s statement “the politician who received a salary of $10,000 from the Baker women,” Aksener used the following phrases:

“The Minister of the Interior does not speak without documents and information, but he can speak, and he said that Mr. Karamolaoglu also signed documents with Qandil.

If you sign a piece of paper with Qandil, we will not be able to do this program.

People in this situation should do what is necessary when they have documentation and information.

“Ten thousand dollars” is not something like what comes to mind, Mr. Soylu is under guardianship at the time, he has close information that he can’t say.

Today I learned that the Speaker of Parliament wrote a letter in order to protect the honor and reputation of the politicians who participated in Parliament, this doubt must be removed.

Quite simply, the attorney general will do what is necessary, and that is all too, what you call a state requires seriousness.