Şentop: Turkey seeks to meet the needs of refugees on its own


Turkish Parliament Speaker Mustafa Şentop said that Turkey seeks by itself to meet all the humanitarian, social and educational needs of the refugees, and to solve their problems.


This came in a speech on Monday during the International Parliamentary Conference on Migration held in Istanbul.

He welcomed the conference, in which representatives from 54 countries are participating, with the aim of addressing migration, which has become one of the most important global issues at the present time.

Şentop explained that his country faced an intense wave of immigration 10 years ago, and today it is the country that hosts the largest number of refugees in the world.

He added that Turkey is currently hosting about 4 million refugees, and is trying alone to meet all their basic human, social and educational needs in order to solve all their problems.


He stated that the issue of immigration is not the problem of Turkey alone, and that it is a great injustice that the material and moral burden of this problem falls only on Turkey.

He pointed out that Greece does not hesitate to continue its anti-immigration policy and anti-immigrant behavior, as it continues to sink migrant boats and push them into Turkish territorial waters.

He noted that the sudden wave of refugees from Ukraine put the policy of European countries into double standards once again before world opinion.


He stressed that Turkey will continue to preserve the dignity, honor and conscience of humanity, even if it is alone, and will seek strategies to solve the global migration issue.