Railways in Istanbul carry 3 billion and 280 million passengers


The railway systems of the Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transport in Istanbul transported 3 billion, 280 million, 206 thousand and 737 passengers in five years.


The number of people using railway systems such as Istanbul Marmara, metro, tram and cable car increased in 2021 compared to the previous year.

In this context, the number of passengers who preferred railway systems reached 664 million, 200 thousand and 519 in 2017.

730,875,414 in 2018, 828,749,711 in 2019, and 466,505,671 in 2020.

The number of passengers recorded 589 million and 875 thousand 422 last year, and in this context and given the data of 5 years.

The number of passengers carried by railway systems has become 3 billion, 280 million, 206 thousand and 737.


According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK), the population of Istanbul recorded 15 million and 840 thousand and 900 people in 2021.

Accordingly, passengers were transported 207 times the city’s population in 5 years by rail systems.

Marmaray carried 115 million and 320 thousand passengers in 2021

It carried 63 million and 63 thousand passengers in 2017, and 67 million and 799 thousand passengers in 2018.

Also, 124 million and 270 thousand in 2019, 85 million and 180 thousand in 2020, and 115 million and 320 thousand in 2021.


A total of 455 million 632 thousand people traveled with the Marmaray in 5 years.

Last year, 146,29,823 people traveled on the trams serving Istanbul.

While 99,619,825 people were transported on the T1 Bağcılar-Kabataş line.

This number was 42 million 159 thousand and 199 people on the T4 Topkapı-Mescidi Selam line and 515 thousand and 102 people on the T3 Kadıköy-Moda line.

While last year, 3,735,69 people traveled on the T5 Cibali-Alibeyköy Jeep Bus Station tram line.


In the same year, 2,518,179 people were transported on the F1 Taksim-Kabataş funicular.

One million and 63 thousand and 611 people were transported on the Eyüp-Piyerloti and Maçka-Taşkışla cable cars.