NASA celebrates an astronomical image treated by a Turkish doctor


The American Space Agency (NASA) celebrated an astronomical image that was technically treated by the Turkish doctor, Mehmet Hakan Özsaraç, to show its accurate details, and highlighted it on its website among the favorite images.


In his speech, “Özsaraç”, who works as a doctor in Samsun, northern Turkey, said that he has been practicing space photography for nearly 23 years.

He added that so far he has taken many pictures of galaxies, the moon, and planets through special cameras that he owns.

About the favorite “NASA” image, the Turkish doctor said that six months ago he had found an astronomical image taken from the Hubble Space Telescope during his journey into space in 1990.

He pointed out that the aforementioned image was not colored, and needed some work on it to further clarify its details.

He explained that he worked on coloring and clarifying the raw image for 10 hours until all the details became clear and distinct.


The Turkish doctor pointed out that he used special computer programs to reach this result.

In a related context, he expressed his pride at NASA’s inclusion of the image he colored in the “Astronomy Picture of the Day” list on August 13th.

The image, which was colored by the Turkish doctor, shows a galaxy located 32 million light-years away from the famous constellation of Pisces.

The above image can be found via the link: