Misurata.. The Minister of Health visits the Libyan Turkish Hospital


The designated Minister of Health in the Libyan National Unity Government, Ramadan Boujnah, visited the Libyan Turkish Hospital in the city of Misurata and was briefed on the services it provides.

A statement issued by the Turkish “Karanfil” group, on Wednesday, stated that the Libyan Turkish Hospital, which is one of the group’s most important initiatives in Libya, continues to host senior officials.

Boujnah, who is also the deputy prime minister of the unity government, met hospital officials prior to the visit and discussed strengthening Turkish-Libyan cooperation in the field of health services.


The statement indicated that Boujnah visited the hospital officially, was briefed on its latest activities, and conducted an inspection tour of its departments, accompanied by a delegation from the Libyan Ministry of Health.

Earlier today, the Libyan Turkish Hospital signed a cooperation agreement with the Libyan Iron and Steel Company, the largest industrial company in the country, to provide health care for the company’s employees.

And in late November, the city of Misrata, northwest of Libya, witnessed the opening of the first Libyan-Turkish hospital run by Turkish doctors.

Turkish doctors will mainly work in the hospital, which was opened by the group and includes 120 beds, 13 clinics and 4 operating rooms.

The hospital is distinguished for providing modern technological methods in diagnosis and medical treatment, in addition to a fully equipped ambulance service.

The closed area of the hospital is 5 thousand and 200 square meters and includes a garage that can accommodate 60 cars, depending on the group.