“Karmod” is building residential camps in the Saudi NEOM project


Karmod, a leading Turkish company in the pre-construction sector, announced that it will undertake the construction of residential camps for workers of the NEOM city project in Saudi Arabia.

The company’s general manager, Abdullah Yuger, said in a statement on Wednesday that they are excited to contribute to the smart city project in Saudi Arabia through its prefabricated buildings.

He explained that they have completed the project studies phase and have begun moving to the production phase, noting that the buildings planned for engineers and workers can accommodate 500 people, in addition to the dining halls.

He added that the production of the pre-buildings will be completed in a short time to be shipped by sea to the project site.

The NEOM region is a Saudi project for a cross-border city, launched by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in 2017, and extends over an area of 460 km on the Red Sea coast.