Erdogan: We’re determined to play a role in solving the climate crisis


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stressed that Turkey is determined to play an active and leading role in solving the climate crisis by placing the “green development revolution” at the center of all its activities.

This came in the introduction he wrote to the book “Turkey’s Green Development Revolution” prepared by the Communications Department of the Turkish Presidency.


Erdogan pointed out that Western civilization’s view of nature as a commodity that must be controlled through the Industrial Revolution leaves the world today alone in the face of environmental disasters.

He said that a concept that does not respect air, water, and soil, and focuses on more production and profit, makes the world day after day an unlivable place.

He pointed out that the natural disasters that occurred in recent years showed that countries that ignore the principles of green development have harmed themselves and all of humanity.

He stressed that at the current stage there is a need for a new roadmap that puts the environment in the center and gives it value instead of economic gains.


He said, “As members of a civilization that says, ‘I plant a seed even if I know that the Day of Resurrection is tomorrow,’ protecting nature comes at the top of our country’s basic priorities.”

He pointed out that the economic model aimed at development at the expense of environmental destruction contradicts the beliefs and culture of our people.

He added: “Based on this concept, we saw development as economic growth and a comprehensive transformation process with social, technological, institutional and environmental dimensions.”

He stressed that while Turkey has reached the highest growth figures in its history, it has not strayed from sustainable development goals such as the administration of justice.

In addition, we have made great progress in issues such as renewable energy, waste management, and especially increasing forest areas.

He added, “Through our “Zero Waste” project, which is considered the most important step we have taken in waste management, we have entered a new phase, whether in protecting the environment or raising awareness of recycling among our citizens.

By ratifying the Paris Climate Agreement in September, we have capped all the environmental projects we have undertaken in the past 19 years.”

Erdogan noted that Turkey is committed to 2053 as “the date when it will reduce emissions to zero” as part of the process of alignment with the Paris Agreement.

He said, “The design of the first domestic electric car, the leaps in renewable technologies, and the incentives for smart buildings and cities are examples of options in this regard.”


Erdogan emphasized that climate change shows how right Turkey is in its objections to grievances in the global governance system.

Pointing out the importance of combating the climate crisis, which is a common problem for all mankind on the basis of global cooperation and solidarity.

He pointed out the need for developing countries that have deepened climate change to bear through the economic policies they have implemented so far.

More responsibilities at this stage, but he added: “Otherwise, the occurrence of injustice and the absence of justice will become inevitable.”

He stressed that Turkey sincerely supports the fight against climate change, expressing his belief that humanity has reached a crossroads in the struggle against the climate crisis.


And he added: “Moving through a concept that respects the environmental rights of both our children and all living creatures in the world has become a commitment to humanity rather than a need.

In the coming period, Turkey, inspired by its ancient culture, is determined to play a leading and effective role in solving the climate crisis by placing the green development revolution at the heart of all its activities.