Erdogan: We’ll cooperate with Egypt to stop bloodshed in Gaza


President Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that his country will continue “cooperation and solidarity with our Egyptian brothers to stop the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip.”

This came during a joint press conference on Wednesday with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, after the bilateral and joint meeting between delegations in Cairo.

He added: “Our priority is to reach a ceasefire as soon as possible and deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza without obstacles.”

He stressed that attempts to displace the residents of Gaza from their lands are “absolutely non-existent” and that evacuating the Strip of its residents “is something that cannot be accepted at all.”

He continued: “We will continue cooperation and solidarity with our Egyptian brothers to stop the bloodshed in Gaza.”

Regarding bilateral relations, Erdogan stressed his country’s determination to increase contacts with Egypt “at all levels in order to bring peace and stability to the region.”

He invited his Egyptian counterpart to visit Turkey, noting that the visit would be a “new turning point” in relations between the two countries.

The Turkish President stated, “Egypt is making important investments in the defense sector, and I am confident that we will cooperate with it to develop joint projects.”

He continued: “We agreed in our consultations today to raise the trade volume to $15 billion in a short time.”

Erdogan expressed his happiness at being in Cairo again after 12 years, and at answering the invitation of his counterpart Sisi.

Thanking him and everyone for the good reception he and his accompanying delegation received.

He stated that Turkey and Egypt have a common cultural history dating back more than a thousand years, stressing that they seek to raise Turkish-Egyptian relations to the level they deserve.

He pointed out that he sees the same strong will to strengthen bilateral relations on the Egyptian side.

The Turkish President also invited his Egyptian counterpart to visit Ankara at the first opportunity to hold a high-level Turkish-Egyptian Strategic Cooperation Council meeting.

He stressed that the two countries are determined to increase investments, which have reached nearly $3 billion, in addition to evaluating opportunities to develop cooperation in the field of liquefied natural gas, nuclear and renewable energy.


Erdogan pointed out that they will make efforts to strengthen existing relations in the fields of tourism, education and culture.

He referred to the situation in the Gaza Strip, saying: “Netanyahu’s government continues its policy of occupation, destruction, and massacres in a reckless manner, despite all international reactions.”

He explained that his country has provided more than 34 thousand tons of relief materials to Gaza to date.

Expressing his thanks to the Egyptian authorities for their role in delivering aid, especially the Egyptian Red Crescent, the Ministry of Health, and all relevant institutions.

He pointed out that Turkey, in addition to humanitarian aid, brought more than 700 Palestinians and their companions from Gaza to Turkey via Egypt to receive treatment.

He stated that Turkish experts are working to establish a field hospital in Gaza, and that Turkey is counting on the support of our Egyptian brothers to operate it as quickly as possible.

He stressed that the Netanyahu government should “stay away from transferring the massacres to the city of Rafah, the last refuge where civilians in Gaza have taken refuge.”

He continued: “The international community, the Islamic world, and the Security Council should not allow such madness that could lead to genocide.”