Erdogan: We must take advanced steps with Syria and adhere to its unity


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that advanced steps must be taken with Syria in order to sabotage plans in the region, stressing his country’s commitment to the territorial integrity of Syria.


This came in statements to reporters on the plane during his return from a visit to Ukraine, which he made on Thursday.

Erdogan added, “We have no ambitions in the territory of Syria, and the Syrian people are our brothers, and we attach importance to their territorial integrity, and the regime must realize this.”

And he added, “We must take advanced steps with Syria through which we can spoil many plans in this region of the Islamic world.”

“We have always been part of the solution and we have taken upon ourselves the responsibility towards Syria, and our goal is to maintain regional peace and protect our country from the dangerous threats arising from the crisis,” he added.


The Turkish president stressed that “the United States and the coalition forces are the feeders of terrorism in Syria in the first place,” and added, “They did so relentlessly and they continue to do so.”