Çavuşoğlu: We aim to trade $1.5 billion with Venezuela


Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavusoglu said that his country aims to reach $1.5 billion in trade volume with Venezuela, and that he is confident that this goal can be easily achieved.

This came during his participation, Friday, in the third meeting of the joint cooperation committee between the two countries in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, the last stop of his tour of Latin America.


Çavusoglu reiterated Turkey’s rejection of the sanctions applied to Venezuela and stressed that it will continue to stand by it.

He pointed out that Turkey ranks first among the countries importing from Venezuela, despite the great distance separating the two countries.

He expressed his confidence that the goal of reaching $1.5 billion in trade exchange between the two countries could be easily achieved, given the numbers recorded in the first quarter of this year.

Çavuşoğlu pointed out that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries has increased about 3 times during the past two years, despite the conditions of the Corona pandemic and the unilateral sanctions imposed on Venezuela.

He explained that the volume of exchange between the two countries was $300 million in 2020, and rose to $850 million in 2021.

Çavusoglu noted that the Turkish government encourages Turkish businessmen to make investments in Venezuela.


On April 23, Çavusoglu began a tour of Latin America, which included Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia and Panama, and concluded in Venezuela.