“Black Sea Economic Cooperation”: Turkey is a major player


Secretary General of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization Lazar Comanescu said Sunday that Turkey is one of the main actors in the organization.

Comanescu stressed that Turkey is one of the most active members in decision-making within the organization in terms of proposing initiatives and leading those initiatives.

During his visit to Istanbul on the occasion of the organization’s 31st anniversary, Comanescu said that the BSEC was established on June 25, 1992 under the leadership of Turkey with the aim of promoting economic dialogue and cooperation among member states and contributing to increasing stability and security in the region.


He pointed out that the organization has accomplished important work in view of its history and provided examples of cooperation and projects that have been developed in the field of environmental protection.

The Secretary-General of the organization expressed his appreciation for the support of the Turkish authorities to carry out the organization’s affairs to the fullest, adding: “Turkey is among the most active members in decision-making in this organization.”

Comanescu stated that Turkey will assume the presidency of the organization for a period of 6 months, starting from next July 1, and said that the postponed and canceled activities due to the Russian-Ukrainian war have resumed.

The Black Sea Economic Cooperation Organization was established in 1992 at the suggestion of Turkey and includes 13 countries, including Russia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.